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Disney World Announces New Date-based Ticket pricing

Disney Parks announced in September 2018 a new Date-based ticket pricing and a new travel planning interface for guests. 

Some speculated that this would only make Disney vacations more complicated, while others said it would make things easier. 

Some said that the travel advisor would be LESS needed with this change, while others said a vacation planner is needed MORE with this new development. ​  The Disney World vacation is already so complicated that some guests completely stress out by planning every single minute of their time while visiting the Disney World Resort.  Will this make it easier?  

On 25 SEPT 2018 we at Sail and Sand Travel attended a nation-wide webinar with Disney Parks to learn more about this new development for Disney World guests. 

For those who believe a Disney travel planner is less needed then know that Disney Parks doesn’t share your view. This is a partial statement made to travel agents this morning. 

“Travel agents fill a vital need in the vacation planning process. You are truly the experts in making Disney magic for your clients. You have the knowledge, experience and insight to help them plan the Disney vacation of their dreams…  

We so appreciate your partnership as we launch this new approach to pricing and vacation planning. You have a friend in us at Disney.”

You can read more about this news at the Disney Parks Blog article

Frequently Asked Questions – Dated Based Tickets

When will date-based tickets expire?
1-Day base tickets are valid for admission on the specific start date selected. Multi-day tickets are valid for admission beginning on the start date selected and must be used within a limited time period.

When will tickets purchased as part of a Walt Disney Travel Company package expire?
Date-based tickets purchased as part of a Walt Disney Travel Company room and ticket package will have one of the following valid use periods (whichever is longer): (i) the same valid use period described above, OR (ii) a valid use period beginning on the package resort arrival date and ending on the package resort check-out date. See above for the explanation of valid use period and how valid use period is not the same as ticket duration. 

For example, a Guest who purchases a Walt Disney Travel Company package with a 3-Day base ticket and a resort length of stay of 6 nights with an arrival date of Nov. 1; ticket is valid any 3 days from Nov, 1 – Nov. 7.

Why did you shorten the valid use window for tickets?
The new valid use window for tickets better aligns with observed Guest ticket usage patterns. Guests wanting additional flexibility can purchase a Flexible Date Ticket.

Will you still offer multi-day discounts?
Yes, the “More you Play, the Less you Pay Per Day” philosophy still applies. Similar to today, the price per day decreases as you add more days to your ticket. Multi-day discounts will vary depending on the length of the ticket.

I already purchased tickets for my upcoming visit. Are my tickets still valid?
Unused, unexpired tickets will remain valid. Tickets maintain the same terms and conditions – including the expiration date – as they had at the time of purchase.

Will I need to pay more for my ticket if I already purchased it prior to Oct. 16?
No. Please be sure to check the specific terms and conditions on your ticket to confirm the expiration policy.

Are tickets able to be modified – what happens if a guest needs to change their date?
Yes, you will be able to modify tickets prior to the ticket start date. And, for the first time, you will be able to modify your own tickets online or through the Disney Reservation Center prior to the ticket start date. If the ticket is changed to a higher priced date, guest will be responsible for paying the difference in price. There will be no refunds to changes to lower priced dates.  If modifications are needed after the ticket start date, guests must visit any Vacation Planning window.

Are stand-alone water park tickets included in this change?
1-Day Water Park Tickets are not included in this change.

Is date-based pricing being implemented at other sites at this time?
This is only being implemented at Walt Disney World Resort at this time.

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