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It’s not a good deal if it’s not the right experience

Everyone has an opinion regardless if it’s accurate – for you.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying – don’t yuk my yum! 

I first heard this statement when I was at a wine tasting and one man boldly claimed that the wine in front of him was terrible, yet his wife boldly claimed that she loved it.

As we watched the debate unfold in front of us, the Sommelier walked over to the man’s wife and whispered in her ear.  She turned to her husband and said, “Don’t yuk my yum!”

The Sommelier told the group that both were correct.  He had every right not to like it and she had every choice to love it.  We all had a good laugh and it’s stuck with me.    

This leads me to another conversation… recently I was at a network event and was chatting with others about cruising. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Someone at the table said, “I would never cruise!  Out on that ocean with no land – no thank you!” 

Another said, “I love cruising, it’s so much fun and there is so much to do on board the ship, seeing the different ports, and we love to watch the ocean as we push through the water.  It’s mesmerizing.” 

Still another said, “If I sailed I would never sail ______ cruise line!”

Which of course the person next to her said, “We’ve always enjoyed cruising______ (cruise line).” 

I’m sitting quietly, listening and watching the scene unfold before me. 

Then, the WORST thing happened… they turned to me and said, “Judy, who is right?”  Gulp.  I felt like I was caught between Uncle Joe and Aunt Betsy at Thanksgiving dinner.  

You know what happened next, right?  I pulled a card from the Sommelier’s deck and said, “You’re ALL correct.” 

​Exasperated they said, “Of course you would say that! “
“How very PC of you.”
“You’re no help!”
“I thought you were on my side?
”  All in good jest of course.  

I explained to them that not every experience is right for every person.  What’s right for your friends may not be right for you.  Just because your friend, neighbor, family member, 5th cousin twice removed loved a destination doesn’t mean it’s what you have in mind for your experience.  Then again, it very well could be.   

No where is this difference of opinion more fierce than on Social Media.  Sometimes it’s like rabid dogs going at each other.  We all have favorites… just look at travel reviews – oy! talk about a thousand and one different opinions. You have to look at who is doing the review, where they live, how often have they traveled, etc. It’s never a blanket statement.

As I tell my young teen daughters, be confident in what you personally love and enjoy regardless of anyone else’s thoughts.  It doesn’t have to be right for everyone – it just has to be right for you.  It’s okay to love Broccoli!  Really, it is.  Good stuff and good for you.  ;0)

With that said… (you know there’s always a “but” in there somewhere), it’s not a good deal if it’s not the right experience. Just because a vacation is a good price doesn’t mean it’s a good vacation for you. What you’re seeking to experience and your service expectations may not be the same as everyone else’s.

You may love that 3 star shanty on the beach because it has an authentic feel and you’re a minimalist. Or, you may want a butler to tend to your every need while staying in the most comfortable accommodations.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

This is why travel advisors ask so many questions. We want to match your desired experience with the right vacation – every time.

If you have a favorite destination or travel company that you enjoy then don’t let someone else make you feel small or uneasy about choosing it.  You go and enjoy!  Simply tell them… don’t yuk my yum!
And, don’t be surprised if they tell you the same.  ;0)

Until next time…

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