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Be Our Guest Restaurant Disney World

A favorite among many when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, is the Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland of Disney’s Magic Kingdom resort. It is right next to the Beauty and the Beast Story time.

When walking into the Castle you will see the gargoyles and Armored gents standing at the ready and sometimes the armored soldiers will say some things as you pass by.
NOTE: Your entire party MUST be present or you will not be allowed in the restaurant.

Ordering your meal is fun as it brings you into the story – remember Disney is ALL about the story you are meant to experience. You come into the castle room and you will order at the table with the books… Belle likes to read lots and lots of books.

You will then choose your items, tap your magic band to pay, or pay by credit card if needed (for you non-magical folks), then you will be handed a device to put on your table. (red circular object)

LUNCH menu

Next, you choose where you want to sit in the restaurant. Will it be the West Wing where the Beast resides -“it is forbidden!” No, not really. You can dine in there.

Or perhaps you much prefer the Grand Ballroom?

Or the East Wing where Belle’s room is located?

But what about the food? Is it decent? Our family really enjoyed it. Although, we like a diversity of foods and as you can see we had several different dishes. With a family of seven, it’s to be expected.

Your meals come to your table via a castle trolley and friendly server.

The Feast A La Beast (1st photo) was devoured by one of my kinder. Our family are fans of sweet potatoes, quinoa, tons of vegetables and of course french fries! And, no visit would be complete without the “grey stuff – it’s delicious.”
The Quinoa and salad is a great vegetarian option.

Even the fountain drinks are brought into the story – no detail is amiss.

Take your time and really enjoy the ambiance of the castle. When it’s time to depart, don’t forget to stop by the beautiful mosaic for a family photo.

I hope you enjoyed this overview. Disney has professional photos on their website for your viewing pleasure. Click here to learn more about Disney Destinations

Until next time…

Get started planning your next visit to the Walt Disney World Resort so you can enjoy a breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Be Our Guest Restaurant!

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