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Club MoBay Jamaica

When you arrive at the Sangster International airport in Montego Bay you will have to clear Jamaican customs. This is where many folks love the Club MoBay passes because the VIP service takes you to the front of the customs line – bypassing the long winding line of tourists. This also comes with a pass to the VIP Club Lounge.. much the same as the airline private lounges.

I get asked often by those traveling to Jamaica if the Club MoBay is really worth the money.  My short answer is  – yes and no.  But keep reading to see if it’s really for you.

What is it?  Basically Club MoBay is a private VIP service and lounge when traveling to/from Jamaica.  Included with your pass are the following amenities:
VIP personal greeting
Fast track through the Jamaican customs line
A private airport lounge
Complimentary beverages (including alcohol)
Snacks and small bites
Complimentary WiFi
Private clean restrooms

You can enjoy Club MoBay for $50 per person for arrival and $35 for departure if booked separately, or $80 per person when purchasing both arrival and departure. Club Kingston is less cost starting at $35 per person for arrival and departure. See the VIP Attractions for current pricing – or reach out to us to assist.

If your flight is the only one to arrive then my opinion is that you don’t need the VIP pass on arrival as the customs lines are not long and you can use the kiosk to clear customs. Unless of course you want that VIP meet and greet with service.

With that said, if ​your flight arrives along with a 747 International flight – you will want the VIP pass as the lines are really long.  Unfortunately you will not know until you arrive what other flights are coming in at the same time due to schedules and possible delays.  You can check the arrivals at this link:

It will also depend on the level of service you are expecting.  Do you want to be a VIP and the absolute shortest line through the Jamaican customs process?
Are you okay with the self serve customs process and no lounge?
Are you staying at a Sandals or Beaches resort?


Personally, I feel if you are staying at a Sandals or Beaches Resort then the Club MoBay lounge on the arrival is not necessary because you have the Sandals lounge to relax, get a beverage, use the clean restrooms before your transfer. With that said, in this day of COIVD paperwork it’s nice to have the meet and greet along with the fast track through customs.

You’re not required to stay in the Club MoBay lounge upon arrival and many travelers who are booked with Sandals/Beaches resorts simply pass through to utilize the facilities, beverage, or snack and then move over to the Sandals Lounge. They are near each other in the same area of the airport.

Why Club MoBay departure? You’ve had this wonderful vacation where you’ve been taken care of through out your stay and you want to keep the love going a bit longer.
Do you want to “fight” for a seat and privacy at the gate cramped seating – some people really spread out? Or relax in a comfortable lounger or chair?
Do you want to eat the (over priced) airport fast food? Or have fresh bites in a private lounge?
Do you want to use the public restrooms, or have private clean nicer bathrooms?
Do you want complimentary public airport WiFi? Or have secured private complimentary connection?

Going back to the question of is it worth the cost? That’s a relative question (I know, I hate it when people say that too) because for some it’s absolutely worth it as this type of service is valued; while for others it may seem frivolous. I have had the service a few times and have gone without the service a few times as well. I will say that my experience was better with the Club MoBay VIP service, but was it horrible without it? Not really. Although, having a clean private bathroom (and all services) is really nice!

Therefore, if you are someone who values the airport lounges when you travel, perhaps you upgrade your airline seat assignment, you value experience over cost, or you prefer a higher quality of goods then this service will appeal to you.

On the flip side of this coin, if you are someone who is frugal and looks to save money over experience then this service is probably not going to be worth it to you. This could be debatable with the current required COIVD paperwork.

Is it a special occasion? Do you want to do it up right because you don’t know when you will have another chance? For an even better experience, add private transfers for a complete VIP experience.

Then all you have to do is let me know and I can set it up for you. With that said, don’t wait too long because Club MoBay does sell out – especially on weekend flights.

You never know who you might see at Club MoBay – take a look at the celebrities spending their time in the lounge. 

Until next time…