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Cruising soon? Here are 3 ways to Carry Your Key Card

Before you board your cruise ship you will be given a cruise card like the one below.  This card is similar to a hotel room key. Because the cruise ship is a cashless system – everything is paid via your ship board account. You will need this with you to obtain beverages, make any purchases on the ship, and any time you board or depart the cruise ship.  It’s also your cabin key to get into your stateroom.  ​
You have a couple of options to carry this around with you – besides your pocket of course.


The first option and widely popular options is by using a lanyard. Like the one pictured below. These work great for tweens and teens and many adults prefer them as well.  You can purchase lanyards on the ship, or you can pick up fun themed ones at Party City or other stores like Five Below.  Some cruise lines give these out once you reach a certain level in their rewards membership – much like when your a Disney Castaway Silver Club member.


Hole punch is for if you have a lanyard but no plastic sleeve, or perhaps your plastic sleeve gets torn as our did.  At guest services they may a hole punch so you can attach it to your lanyard.  On the Allure of the Seas the hole punch is sitting on a table at guest services for any guest to use. So I guess this isn’t a totally different option, rather an adjusted option to the lanyard. This may not be on every cruise line.


The 3rd option is to use one of these handy pouches on the back of your smartphone. They have an adhesive backing which sticks to the phone and you simply put your card in the pouch.  It’s easy to put in your pocket or bag.  I still use mine after the cruise to hold my debit card or license when I don’t want to carry my purse around.  Because the pocket is made of rubber then it doesn’t de-magnetize my debit card or cruise card. The down side is if you have a pop-socket then it competes for space on your phone.

I hope your found this bit of information helpful for your next exciting cruise.  Now get out there and make great memories!

Until next time…

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