How to save on your next Sandals or Beaches Getaway

Sandals and Beaches Resorts are a worldwide brand.  Many folks in the US and the UK love these resorts for their quality, service, and great beach destinations throughout the Caribbean. 

You want to get away to the iconic Sandals or Beaches resorts but of course you want the best value. We have yet to meet a client who didn’t want the best value for their vacation.

As a Sandals and Beaches Certified Specialist since 2013 these resorts are my first choice when a client comes to me looking for an all-inclusive resort experience.

Why? Quality. I have personally been to 15 of the 16 Sandals Resorts and all 3 of the Beaches resorts multiple times.  I know the quality, the service, and the destinations. Also, because when we book your vacation, we are looking for more than just pricewe are seeking great value without sacrificing quality.    

I’ve heard clients say, “I would love to stay there but it’s just not in the budget.” Understandable. And that is a conversation for another day, today let’s talk about how to get you to a Sandals or Beaches resort for the best value and best price!   

First step to saving on your Sandals or Beaches Getaway

Work with a Certified Sandals Specialist… you knew I was going to say that, right?  Sandals does a wonderful job of training and supporting their travel partners.

As a Sandals and Beaches representative we listen to what you want to experience and help you select the best room, resort, destination, and best way to get there because we’ve been there and know the company well. We do the work for you by searching all available promotions that can be combined to provide you with the best value and the best price.

Once booked, we continue to check any promotions and sales to see if your vacation applies – and you don’t even know we’re doing this until we contact you with a new offer to review.

In a 2016 interview with Travel Market Report – an online business publication for the travel trade industry, former CEO of Unique Vacations (Sandals and Beaches Resorts) Adam Stewart had this to say about travel agency partners…

“The more sophisticated Sandals becomes, the more important our relationship with travel agents becomes,” said CEO Adam Stewart at a luncheon highlighting new renovations made to two of its properties in Jamaica.

Stewart was adamant that in order for guests to get the best understanding of its Sandals and Beaches resorts, customers need to go through an agent rather than an OTA [online travel agency].

“There’s a lot of talk about OTAs, but it’s difficult to explain the complexities to the traveler. That’s where the travel agent comes into play,” he said.

Book on a holiday

You can be sure that Sandals will have a promotion for every major holiday, and even those that are minor holidays.

Sometimes these special offerings aren’t a big discount but instead free added amenities to make your vacation more enjoyable, such as a spa credit, catamaran cruise, or products like wine flutes, sunglasses, or the like. It may not affect your bottom line but it certainly affects your vacation experience!

photo courtesy of Sandals Resorts

Military, Fire Fighter, Police and FEMA Discount

Working in service of others provides you with a 10% discount on top of any promotions or published rates. Take advantage of these great rates.

You will need to show proof of affiliation once you arrive on the resort.  This discount is also a gift from your travel agency as the agent gives a portion of the discount – many do so happily as our thanks for your service.

1 FREE Night

This may not seem like much of a savings when you’re looking for a lower bottom line, however having an extra night in paradise at your favorite resort is a nice savings!

This offer is valid with 6 paid nights and you receive the 7th night free. This is combinable with other Sandals offers like the military discount.

7-7-7 = Heaven

This promotion is a huge hit with Sandals fans!  There are clients who have received the butler level for price of a concierge room.  So how does this work?  Each week new resort and room options come out:

7 resort rooms (various resorts) – for 7 days (gotta move quick) – save additional 7 % off the cost (combinable with any promotions). Sweet!

You will want to begin checking our Facebook page as we will be posting the new promotions each week.  

Pack up and GO!

Next to the 7-7-7 promotion, this is our most favorite promotion!

If you’re looking for a last minute getaway for 3,4, or 5 nights then we need to book you a Last Minute promotional offer.  These amazing rates are so good that we’ve even taken advantage of them!

There is also an option to obtain 1 free night on these quick getaways to add even more savings and vacation bliss.  

There are a couple of caveats to these rates.

  1. Airfare to the destinations could be higher than if you were to book airfare months in advance.
  2. The dates are only available approximately 4-5 weeks in advance.  This is really last minute; which would work for me because the wait for vacation can be tough.
  3. This offer is not combinable with any other Sandals promotions (due to the extreme discount).

Lastly, you can save costs when you book a group or a wedding at Sandals or Beaches Resorts. If you’re interested in one of these options then contact us to explain how you can save by doing a group or wedding, as these savings are different than the other options listed above.

More exciting news is that travel planner Kim is also now a Certified Sandals Specialist and she was able to book her first Sandals client’s within the same month of taking the training. Very exciting for her and her clients!

Until next time…

Are you interested in experiencing Sandals or Beaches for your next vacation? Then consider booking your next vacation with Sail and Sand Travel. You receive the same great price as booking direct. The difference is you will be getting our experience and help before, during, and after your trip.