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Where to eat in Williamsburg VA – The Hound’s Tale

Near the Colonial section of Williamsburg on Prince George Street you will find a quaint and unique restaurant that is a local favorite – The Hound’s Tale.

This review is part of our “Where to Eat” series. The first thing you will notice upon walking in is the warm and welcoming feeling to the restaurant. The staff was friendly and we were greeted right away.

It’s hard to miss is the fun, and full of character, dog decor around the restaurant – after all it’s the restaurant’s name. Fun paintings and photos, statues, pillows, an appetizer of popcorn in a dog dish, and the servers had fun t-shirts. The decor is tastefully done with classic colors of bold red, black, green and creams.

It isn’t a large restaurant and reservations are recommended, although we didn’t have a reservation and were able to be seated immediately. There is a small waiting area to the right of the door that has a comfortable looking sofa and chairs, and fun dog art depicted with human aspects (playing a violin, leaning against a car, etc).

You can also sit at the bar if you like.

There is an eclectic menu with vegetarians and carnivores in mind. We happened to have visited on the night they had a VA Beer Company “take over” therefore they had those beers available as well as their usual choices.

I recommend you begin your meal with a cocktail and they have several good signature choices. My husband had the Free Verse (one of his favorites) by the Virginia Beer Company while I had the Raspberry White Cosmo which was refreshing. It was a tad sweet for me, but for those drink a regular Cosmo, or like a sweet drinks, then this is a nice choice. My second choice would’ve been the Cucumber Ginger Martini. I wrestled with which one to try, so if you’re tried the Cucumber Ginger Martini then leave a comment and let me know how you like it.

What we ate…

Being a vegetarian who can’t consume dairy, I elected for the Roasted Quinoa crusted Chickpea Cakes, while my husband chose the Skirt Steak. Both were tasty choices, and we enjoyed our meal, although I was left wishing I had ordered a salad instead. Not because of the food but simply due to my own tastes in wanting more veggies.

Note that there are no additional side items that comes with your entree and you may want to order a side of fries, roasted cauliflower, spinach, or peas and mushrooms for a more complete meal.

Something to consider for your next visit is that this restaurant isn’t a romantic dining experience. It’s very loud in the restaurant. Now, this could be simply because we dined on a Friday evening and the place was full – remember it’s a small restaurant. At one point it was difficult to carry on a conversation and a sense of relief was felt once we exited onto the quiet street. This was our experience on a weekend, however it doesn’t mean it would be your experience if you dined during the week. Still, I would recommend if you’re wanting a quiet, intimate, dining experience to choose differently as this place is lively and fun.

Obvious dog lovers, they even have water bowls for your friend Fido. You will find this all throughout CW (aka Colonial Williamsburg).

What we spent.

You can view their menu online at their website, however below is our total cost for dinner. Because the restaurant is located in the City of Williamsburg you will have the city tax and the state tax. Even the bill came with a whimsical pooch paper weight.
*Remember to tip well if you received good service.

Upon departing we were thanked for our visit and wished a good evening.
The next time you’re visiting the Historic Triangle then consider dining at The Hound’s Tale. Or better yet, ask us to add it to your itinerary and make the dining reservations for you!

*Note: This review is based on my authentic personal opinion of my dining experience. I haven’t received any compensation for this review, nor do I expect any compensation. The sole purpose of this review is to inform – based on my opinion – consumers visiting the Williamsburg area, and clients of my agency.

Until next time…