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Our Guided Tour Vacation Experience

My family enjoyed a couple of guided tours in Italy. One was a guided tour of Tuscany to include Florence and Pisa, and the other was a guided tour of Rome. Both were really good experiences.

My husband (an allocentric traveler) was reluctant to do a guided tour. He loves to wander the streets and figure it all out like Rick Steves. I on the other hand (a Psychocentric traveler) wanted to have a wee bit of hand holding and know the importance of the things we were seeing without reading everything in a guide book! Tell me a story. We were traveling with two young boys – each one just like their parents; one allocentric and one psychocentric.

We made a compromise that would give me the guided attention I wanted – and the anchor of having someone who knew where we were going, with the freedom to explore on our own woven into the trip.

The compromise was a guided tour. The end result is we all had the experience we wanted and both actually stretched out of our comfort zones a bit. My husband (and oldest son) was surprised that they really enjoyed the information of the guide and like begin taken to the attractions, even if it was walking, and having things pointed out to us. Me and my youngest son, much to our surprise, enjoyed the time exploring on our own and finding moments that we may not have had otherwise.

If you feel a guided tour is not your cuppa tea then think again. It could be the cuppa tea for the one (s) you’re traveling with so you may have to compromise.

For your 2020 vacation here are some travel tips from our friends at Trafalgar Tours for those with that wanderlust spirit. Trafalgar is a tour company some of our clients have enjoyed experiencing. My favorite tip – #4 Family Bonding Through Travel. So much love for this one, but of course they’re all really good tips.

Until next time…