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Should I Have Food Delivered to Disney World?

We get it – Disney World is expensive and guests do their best to have a great time while getting the most value. One way of cutting costs for some guests is to consume meals outside the parks and place an Amazon Prime Now order during their visit to Walt Disney World. But, is this more grief to do this, or is it a benefit?

Obviously this is for those who are flying into Orlando rather than driving.
I would recommend the Amazon Prime Now order only if you’re not doing a meal plan and you intend to have breakfast in your room, and/or take your lunch into the parks.  Otherwise, if you order a bunch of food and not consume it then you will be forced to waste it by giving it away, leaving it in the room, or trying to pack it up in your suitcase.  You will want space in your luggage for souvenirs – not for left over food you’ve already purchased.

I have packed food in my suitcase that I know we will eat, and it’s mostly breakfast items because we are in the parks most of the days, and in all honestly there are too many good eats places in the parks to enjoy. 

Breakfast ideas: peanut butter and bagels, cereal boxes (taken out of the box for more room and easier packing) or the little plastic cereal to go cups, apples, oranges, fruit that won’t get squished, oatmeal (use the coffee maker for hot water), and then buy the milk in the hotel gift shop (it’s not overly expensive).  OR if you buy the resort refillable mug then simply get milk from the food court and keep some in your room fridge in a thermos, refillable cup, or mug (packed from home).    

Packing your breakfast items will be a blessing and can save you grief and money – plus as you eat the items you’ve packed you will have space in your suitcase on the return, a rare thing indeed when returning from vacation.

Snacks:  granola bars, nutri-grain bars, power bars, crackers, pretzels, bagged nuts, cut up carrots/celery/broccoli, whole fruits, or other snack foods.  

Do keep in mind that you most likely won’t eat them, especially if you have the dining plan you will opt to use your snack credits for things that will entice and satisfy you more than that squished granola bar at the bottom of your backpack. Been there – done that.

I’ve been visiting Disney World since the mid 90’s and even lived in Florida for a few years so we’ve done it all sorts of ways; with the dining plan, only the quick dining plan, without the dining plan, packing food, not packing food, etc.

I’ve learned that it’s a very short (and well deserved) vacation time to add any grief to the plans. You will want to experience the joy of the Disney magic and that snack you packed won’t look as good as the Mickey Pretzel, Mickey Bar, Churro, popcorn, funnel cake, or even the shiny red apple sitting in the open market cart.

With that said, picky eaters may opt for what they know and love (ex: PBJ) than the various foods available in the parks.   

For Ordering from Amazon at Disney
You can set up an Amazon Prime Now order via the app (it’s separate from the regular Amazon app) then when you land in Orlando click submit.  With prime now you can schedule a delivery time.

It’s super easy; you just need to download the app. You can order once you land at the airport or even while on the Magical Express. ​Some folks order before their flight departs and pick a time just before they think they will arrive at the hotel. ​ However, you may not be able to do this if you’re not in the area.

You​ will need the resort ​physical ​address and guest name and reservation number. Once the order is delivered to bell services ​you​ will receive notification in the app and I believe an email​ notification as well​. ​You can call bell services asking for the order to be brought to ​your room​, or if you time it right it can arrive before you do and you can simply take it to your room with you. 

​Disney will refrigerate any perishable items. I put a note on my order to leave with bell services in the event the person delivering has never dealt with Disney deliveries.

​If you MAIL a box to your Disney resort ahead of time there is a $5 receiving fee per box.  Another option is via Garden Grocer which will deliver groceries to your Disney Resort Hotel.  ​You can check my Disney resources page for more information on contact numbers.  

You will have to change your “shopping in” zip code to the zip code of your Disney World Resort. Then begin shopping and checkout.

I hope this was helpful for you in deciding whether or not to order food. This is a personal decision for each family dynamic and it isn’t something for every family. Therefore, it’s completely up to you – it’s your vacation experience. My only caveat as mentioned before… is to just be sure to eat it if you order it. Happy vacationing!

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