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Inside The Lockdown In Florence

My colleague Melissa IntVeldt from My Traveling Panda shared some photos from inside the lock-down of Florence, Italy with our group of travel agents who specialize in Europe. I’m sharing these with you with her permission.

Take a look at the calm yet surreal nature of the empty streets, plenty of food, lots of TP, and people being very respectful and not panicking. I’ve seen videos on social media of folks playing musical instruments on their balconies, having a friendly conversation out their windows, and singing along with each other. I’m sure you’ve seen them too.

It’s a testament that this historic country has seen its share of hardships. A contrast to what we are seeing currently in America where hoarding and prioritization by some have taken hold.

I’m sad for my clients had to cancel their trips to Italy and Ireland, and I hope they are able to visit these iconic destinations soon. This too shall pass and the world will once again be open for your visit. Of course health and safety are paramount. Blessings to all those affected by this health crisis.

To follow Melissa you can do so on her Facebook page or on her website. We will all get through this together and I thank Melissa for generously sharing her photos.

Until next time…

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