Sandals Barbados – Quick Overview

The banana capital of the world Barbados is the one of the most “British” islands in the Caribbean. Afternoon tea is a ritual, and cricket is the national sport. The atmosphere, though, is hardly stuffy. This is still the Caribbean, after all.

As you can see it was tough to capture the island view as we broke through the cloud layer. Bridgetown is the capital city and the business center of the country. The Grantley Adams international airport is in Christ Church on the southern tip of the island. To the Sandals resort it was less than a 30 minute drive.

Also popular in Christ Church is St. Lawrence Gap, often referred to as simply the Gap, where the popular Oistin’s Fish Fry occurs on Friday nights. This is a lively social gathering with food and local beer stalls. You can walk to this event from either of the Sandals Barbados/Royal Barbados resorts. It’s about a 15 min easy walk with sidewalks along the road. Be sure to enjoy a refreshing Banks beer and try some banana ketchup.

If you love wreck diving then Carlisle Bay, a small natural harbor, has 6 major wrecks which are preserved and designated a protected area. A Coral limestone reef is located in Fringing reef and goes along the entire shoreline making is a fabulous location to dive. Sandals Resorts uses Newton Dive boats (yes, there is a potty on board) for both snorkeling and scuba diving. At the time of our visit we did have to take a 15 min ride into Bridgetown to the dive shop to utilize this included activity.

Newton Dive boats

We stayed at Sandals Barbados for 7 nights to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. It was a great experience. The resort is small and easy to navigate via walking. The majority of the restaurants are in the main square near the entrance. There is much to love about this resort from the large banyan trees to the crystal lagoon, however our most favorite was relaxing on the beach with our handy server flag at the ready.

As we enjoyed some much deserved downtime is was easy to get wait service while never leaving our loungers. We simply put up the blue flag and the beach server would come take our order. A treat indeed.

We also took a break from the beach and spent part of the day lounging at the crystal lagoon near the front of the resort. This long river like pool is available for use to any guest at the resort, although you will see swim out rooms and of course those are private. Many people believe the crystal lagoon is only for those who have rooms along the pool and this is incorrect. It is much warmer near the crystal lagoon area then being right by the beach as you don’t get the winds off the ocean to cool you down.

As I mentioned most of the restaurants are in the courtyard near the front of the resort, however there are a couple that are in the main ocean village building, which are the Bayside restaurant and the Mariner Seaside bar and grill. Keep in mind that with the exception of the Mariner Seaside, which is also beach and pool side, you will need to cover up before dining.

Now you have two resorts to play at while staying at Sandals Barbados as the Royal Barbados resort is directly next to Sandals Barbados, like literally walking next door. The Royal Barbados has other features that Sandals Barbados doesn’t have, like the Lovers Lanes bowling alley, the Lover’s Lane Craft beer bar, and a roof top infinity pool. The great thing is you can experience two different resorts while staying at one. Sweet!

Other activities that we participated in but no photos are Salsa dance lesson poolside near the Ocean Village building (main building), yoga near the crystal lagoon in the lovely outdoor studio, of course the chocolate party in the courtyard, and we chatted with the gardener about the large banyan trees and their history – he’s been there for years and Sandals has a short video with him.

Another nice thing is we were able to take the 15 min walk to “the Gap” to attend chapel service. I wish I had taken photos of this charming small Catholic Church with no A/C, but all the windows were open and we could hear the chickens roaming and chatting outside during Mass. At the end of Mass the priest gave us married folks little pieces of paper that had a prayer for each other on it, and we were to contemplate and pray the prayer for each other. It’s for sure a memory that it’s easily forgotten.

One afternoon during our stay the resort staff brought out a bunch of coconuts for us to enjoy and the guy was chopping them up right there. After drinking the water he cut open the coconut for us to try the fleshy part. I’ve seen this done at other Caribbean resorts, mostly Sandals resorts, but each time it’s still a treat.

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Sandals Barbados Digital Brochure

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