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Air Travel during COVID

✈️Let’s talk air travel.
On our recent trip (Aug 2020) to Disney World I was remarkably surprised to have a good flying experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a bit nervous to travel during a pandemic, or the trailing off of a pandemic.

We had an enjoyable flight on Southwest Airlines. A face covering is required, and not just any face covering (see my social media post) but a specific face covering that covers your nose, mouth and chin. No bandanna style masks are allowed and a family had to change their mask or deplane before take off on our flight out of Norfolk. Southwest Air also keeps their middle seat open for social distancing. 🙌

🧳We wiped down our seat area with a sanitizing wipe, just in case, and we wiped the luggage when we collected it… just in case. The flight attendants will come through the cabin with a trash bag for you to dispose of your wipe.

Our plane wasn’t completely full on any leg of our travel, though it was the most full from BWI to Norfolk… still with the middle seat empty – which made me feel much more comfortable.

The crew was also wearing face coverings, and didn’t touch your belongings or your trash. They offered water and a small snack bag, which you collected from them.

TSA: there was very few people at either airport – Norfolk or Orlando. There was no line and TSA pre-check is still available. We did notice an uptick in passenger count at the BWI airport when we changed planes. Once past the gate then the crowd dispersed better and people were social distancing.

There are markers of where to stand in line for ticketing, gate check-in, and TSA processes. Everyone was being respectful of these protocols and standing where indicated.

At the ticket counter when checking a bag the ticket agent didn’t touch our luggage. We were required to put the suitcase on the scale and add the luggage tag ourselves.

I’m hearing from colleagues that other airlines are have completely full flights – middle seat an all, therefore I am super happy we chose to fly Southwest Airlines for our flight. We felt well cared for and safe.

To see more about our trip to Disney World during COVID then check out my Facebook page or Instagram page.

Until next time…
Cheers, Judy

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