Travel Advisor | Agency Owner
Book lover.  Adoptive parent.  Movie fan.  Sunshine required.  Military wife. 

I love the travel bubble and to be taken care of every step of the way.  As an Air Force wife married to an adventure seeking husband our family has been blessed to travel to Argentina, Italy, Germany, England, China, France, Poland, the Caribbean, and around the good ole USA.  A few of my most favorite vacations are visiting Italy via guided tour, sailing the Disney ships, and enjoying a high quality all-inclusive resort. ”

My story begins in a small town in Idaho. Growing up I rarely traveled unless it was to visit family in other states – not very exciting. No themeparks, tropical views, or interesting architecture – just a packed tight Pinto station wagon, sleeping bags, and relatives, which I guess they could be considered interesting.

After high school I met my husband who was quite worldly having traveled abundantly in his youth to many destinations around the world and lived near Disneyland and near the beach in Santa Monica, CA. That alone was exciting to me!

As an Air Force family we’ve moved all over the USA and had the privilege of living for a few years in Stuttgart, Germany. Here our spark for travel was ignited as my adventure seeking husband led us around Europe. Italy was a big favorite as this is my husband’s heritage. I loved London as this is my heritage.

Over the years, like many military wives, I’ve worn many hats. Beginning as a library aid in high school and moving on to a bank teller in college, working for Visa and MasterCard, Educator with special needs, substitute teacher, adoption coordinator, volunteer with our homeschool network, assisting with our homeschool co-op, volunteer in our local churches and community, and finally helping others plan and book their exciting travel as the agency owner of Sail and Sand Travel.

Perhaps it’s the educator in me, but I love writing and enjoy books. Our home holds over 1500+ books in floor to ceiling bookshelves, bookcases around the home, and some older ones in boxes that have yet to be unpacked from our last military move. My college professors use to tell me that my research papers were too conversational and I should have a blog. Here I am! Sharing our travel and information with you.

Here are only some of our great adventures!

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