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How much should you tip when visiting Las Vegas?

What About Those Gratuities? While visiting Las Vegas you will no doubt feel the need to tip a service worker or staff.  No one really likes to talk about money, but everyone needs to be in the know so you receive good service.  Sometimes a small tip can go a long way for not only… Continue reading How much should you tip when visiting Las Vegas?

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Are you a SMART Traveler?

When leaving the borders of the USA, it's a keen idea to register your trip with the US State Dept via their STEP program for Americans traveling abroad.  It only takes a few minutes to create an account and register your trip. photo courtesy of the US Dept of State The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is… Continue reading Are you a SMART Traveler?

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Where to eat in Williamsburg VA – The Hound’s Tale

Near the Colonial section of Williamsburg on Prince George Street you will find a quaint and unique restaurant that is a local favorite - The Hound's Tale. This review is part of our "Where to Eat" series. The first thing you will notice upon walking in is the warm and welcoming feeling to the restaurant.… Continue reading Where to eat in Williamsburg VA – The Hound’s Tale

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Traveling via Amtrak Train

Once deemed it an out of date way to travel, the train is becoming a more desired form of transportation to flying or driving. I can't think of one person who enjoys the idea of going through TSA Security at the airport, can you? Our family first experienced train travel when we relocated to Germany… Continue reading Traveling via Amtrak Train